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Controller of 6 passageways feeling uses Aitemeier at portable product
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Company of Er of love spy plum (Atmel Corporation) announces to roll out brand-new and compositive 6 feeling that feel inductive passageway control chip AT42QT1060, direct drive amounts to the output function that can pass PWM LED of 7 small electric current. This parts of an apparatus has range of wide job voltage (from 1.8 to 5.5VDC) , bide one's time the power consumption below mode under 1uA, can prolong battery life. AT42QT1060 use miniature4mm X4mm MLF28 is enclosed, apply to mobile phone and other hand-held equipment. AT42QT1060 it is the newest product that Aitemeier's comprehensive capacitance sex touchs controller series, these parts of an apparatus grind with the quantity science and technology (the charge move technology of Quantum Research Group) is a foundation, include QTouch and QMatrix controller, use at individual with many feeling slide block of key-press, feeling is mixed feeling annulus.

AT42QT1060 design to be used at portable electron product only, have assistance to prevent wrong false triggering inside buy capacitance sex protects a passageway, should appear for example when damp problem. This function still can prevent wrong instruction to carry out, and wrong instruction broadcasts the equipment such as machine very easily to put in MP3 be in pocket or happen. The AT with compositive height42QT1060 can reduce component number, reduce design complexity and cost, and accelerate product development.

This sensor chip grinds with the quantity the patent QTouch charge of science and technology transfers inductive method to be a foundation, this kind of powerful technology is used exhibit frequency (the electronic noise that Spread-spectrum) modulation method gains height fights faze sex, and patent adjacent key is restrained (AKS) technology ensures the key-press that feels designedly only just can be sparked. Protective passageway function uses AKS to eliminate the mistake of adjacent key-press to spark. As a result of AT
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