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Structure of organization of favour wisdom riverside plans to aim afresh annual
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Semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside (NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company that establishs by flying benefit riverside) announced to recombine a plan recently, the financial standing that this action aims to bring health for favour wisdom riverside is what the company did not come to grow build a base. This kind adjusts be the economic environment to providing a challenge extremely, dollar to go weak and the reaction measure that reduces in dimensions of the company after coming off the wireless professional work that give and meaning law semiconductor establish joint-stock company. New program plans to include to narrow favour wisdom riverside creates research and development of base, center and department of function of a few support. This plan predicts to involve the whole world to restrain 4500 employee, save the cost of 550 million dollar every year thereby. Recombining cost predicts to be controlled for 800 million dollar.

Henceforth, favour wisdom riverside will be dedicated at its entertainment of car electron, intelligence identifying, family is mixed business of multiple market semiconductor, these are the fields that the company has share of very high innovation product market and very strong market to lead a position. 15% EBITA comes true while these new program measure will realize gain to grow for favour Zhi Pu (not plan the accrual before interest revenue and amortize) shed target of this one metaphase to lay solid foundation with abundant ready money.

Favour wisdom riverside is presiding the say when honest of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers comments on apparitor to plan this afresh: "Recombining this is measure of an opposite strong, special regret our a few employee must leave a company. However, these changing will make favour wisdom riverside becomes more powerful, but gain, have abundant ready money to flow, continue the company that health grows. Depend on the dimensions in our core business and leadership position, favour wisdom riverside is becoming one furniture to have the semiconductor company of global competition ability in transition. Our measure includes to promote the competition ability of production base, reduce our employee amount, become thereby more keen-witted and capable, the company that is core with the client, the growth of the core business that is us is made decide definitely. The growth of the core business that is us is made decide definitely..

To manufacturing industry Wu adjust reaction favour Zhi Pu's long-term capital fund is small quantify the strategy, to the attention of the area cost of the balance, and right at present the acceptance of client project. This plan is sturdy the move to more advanced workmanship, of traditional technique redundant produce can need be reduced, ensure jointly thereby the operation that has competition ability more, maintain the powerful engineering capability that is in Europe at the same time. Plan of favour wisdom riverside makes his conformity have to two furniture for the most part more high yield can European crystal round shop, nai Mei Heng (Nijmegen) with hamburger (Hamburg) , and the SSMC that is located in Singapore.
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