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Semiconductor of Taiwan Shang Zhi marchs LED sapphirine is denotative a market
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Area of our country Taiwan 2 extremely body silicon is denotative Shang Zhi semiconductor announces a manufacturer money newspaper is knowable first half of the year, the net after Shang Zhi duty is new station money money of 527 million yuan of new station, the profit after every pure duty money of 6.81 yuan of new stations. Shangzhi expresses, future is divided continuously original silicon is denotative a quantity outside producing, also begin to cut LED sapphirine single crystal at present, maintain market competition dominant position, battalion closed 2009 and gain profit be expected to grow continuously.

Shangzhi expresses, should the demand that the company increases, already built place at industrial district of big garden of peach garden county 3 new factory building, after predicting to buy machine stage total number newly in September to reach the designated position, produce can can raise 20% above. Additional, shang Zhi semiconductor bets to go up in investment of research and development continuously, hand-in-hand travel brand is outspread and politic, except continuously original silicon is denotative piece the quantity is produced besides, because answer LED market demand in the ascendant, at present already exert oneself develops glow 2 extremely body sapphirine single crystal grows technical research, in order to maintain market competition dominant position, anticipate battalion closed 2009 with gain profit will grow continuously.

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