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The bazaar on 6 nucleuses processor becomes Intel 16MBL3 cache
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Intel is newest the server chip Xeon 7400 of the paragraph (to strong 7400) series appears on the market formally since today, special place depends on having 6 nucleuses and the type of 4 nucleuses, apply to the system of four processor or above.

Intel expresses, the Xeon 7400 set that develops code name to be Dunnington relatively 7200 set performance has great promotion, this 16MB that main profit from adds newly 3 class cache (L3) .

7400 series processor is first use of 3 class cache to powerful chip. "Had L3 cache, partial operation is mixed thick and fast data is concentrated model company application process can have additional function promotion, " Adesh Gupta of manager of platform of server of region of Intel Asia-Pacific trifling says.

Additional processor core is likewise helpful to function. A lot of servers use a program, for example fictitious change operation to wait, the show that runs on much nucleus processor is much better, this and general table machine and notebook computer cannot make full use of basically the situation of capability of processing of 4 nucleuses chip is very different.

To strong first processor that 7400 chip are development of center of Intel India design, clock frequency is 2.66GHz, compositive 4 or 6 core, the price differs to 2729 dollars in 856 dollars, HP, IBM and the server product that wear the manufacturer such as Er to be based on this kind of chip will from American time this Zhou Er begins put on sale.

To strong 7400 compositive inside chip of a silicon 6 all core, and existing 4 nucleuses come powerful chip is to be in onefold enclose inside integrated two silicon chip. Intel can achieve this one goal is the 45 accept rice that uses because of its manufacturing technology is narrowing chip dimension while, still can rise function and reduce specific power consumption.

To strong 7400 series are the last member with Intel Penryn familial chip, this year later time, intel will change to the name those who be Nehalem is brand-new processor framework.

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