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Mainland TD will leap the core in growing welcomes business chance
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International of the core in acting factory of circle of the biggest brilliant is the mainland welcome mainland TD-SCDMA business chance, with 90 with 65 accept rice technology and extend the collaboration such as 碁 of dispatch, big Tang Wei, day, will break a stage to accumulate report alone the mainland of the palm3GSituation of chip acting industry; In Beijing of Zhang Ru of core international CEO expressed to this a few days ago, core has only at present in with relevant course of study person contact, nevertheless TD market next year can grow considerably first half of the year, the core in be opposite is a benefit much.

After start off plan delays mainland TD this year, try business to use hair to the limit of one's capacity at present only 600 thousand, among them couplet hair division has 2/3 market, the others is offerred by the person that exhibit the local property such as dispatch, big Tang Wei.

Mainland semiconductor the bound comes out, exhibit dispatch, big Tang Wei to begin to accumulate report to cooperate for a long time with the stage from GSM system, all the way outspread to TD system, in core is contacted actively with local manufacturer, except block a mainland3GThe market, the core in also can be Cheng of 65 pay the metric system ensures battalion harvests source.

In after core exits DRAM generation to be versed in at the beginning of this year oneself, increase blame DRAM and proportion of acting labour of logistic and relevant product actively, but stop to first half of the year, core is circle of 4 big brilliant in the does not have battalion of 65 accept rice exclusively to close manufacturer in acting factory; Zhang Ru Beijing expresses, in core Wuhan 12 inches of plants are current with flying all alone (Spansion) spread out 65 accept rice NorFlash cooperates, 12 inches of factories of Shanghai, Beijing also are related program communication case of design of 65 accept rice; But only with respect to IP and mainland3GChip plant contacts Cheng of 65 pay the metric system in.

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