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NEC electron will carry semiconductor manufacturer cooperation with German car
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NEC electron will with Elmos of German semiconductor manufacturer (city of much especially unconscious heart) semiconductor business side carries to spread out collaboration in the car. Pass confluence the advantage technology of two companies, develop new product jointly, enlarge a sale for the center with Europe. NEC electron thinks, as safe technology of environmental protection · rise, the car carries the market demand of semiconductor to will increase ceaselessly, because this decision uses Elmos,embrace some to face the market of famous car manufacturer. NEC electron will carry 2010 year car the European sale of semiconductor relatively 07 year rise 8 into, achieve left and right sides of 80 billion yen.

Elmos is the imitate semiconductor that imitate signal changes signal of amount to word one professional firm. The amalgamative sale of 07 year is 20 billion yen about. Although this company does not calculate go up manufacturer of large imitate semiconductor, but its are main the client reachs the well-known company such as rich world for German BMW, Daimule.

Two companies reach a sale besides development besides, still decided the detailed collaboration content that includes to produce cooperation inside, conclude formal contract at be being signed before this year end.

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