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SamSung buys SanDisk to give 5.8 billion dollar desire thorough chip market
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It is reported, after coming to an agreement through the negotiation of 4 months, samSung electron bids already publicly 5.8 billion dollar prepares to buy SanDisk.

This is SamSung 13 years since the biggest buy hard, show SamSung is in oneself are the biggest business market - memory chip market faces pressure gradually, because be produced in recent years can outspread, the profit of this one market gradually rare.

If buy SanDisk, samSung is OK with one action obtains giant Shan Cunxin piece user group, additional, samSung also can avoid those who hand in amount not to poor every year to shine to SanDisk collect technical patent fee.

SamSung says, had bought SanDisk with bade of cash price of every 26 dollars, this one price compares SanDiskOn September 4Share price tower above 96% , On September 5, industry comes out namely the news that two companies are having incorporating negotiating.

SamSung expresses, sanDisk is inOn September 15To oneself the incoming letter says, sanDisk continues to withhold independent to oneself vendibility and the opinion that buy the price, samSung raised the make a price of 5.8 billion dollar from this.

A spokesman says SanDisk, preparation rejects the offer of SamSung, because this one price underestimated SanDisk value, samSung bade is one kind is in SanDisk share price is low the expression of the opportunist when confusing.

Buy do not have what burden to SamSung finance affairs, because this company was not in debt several years, every quarter obtained SamSung cash reserve, end this year the 2nd quarter, company cash and its cash equivalent approach 5.8 billion dollar.

The bade of SamSung mirrorred NAND to show the confused situation that keeps chip market, current, samSung is NAND chip the biggest supplier, sanDisk, milpitas is the memory card firm that uses this kind of chip.
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