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Oubitejia enters China embedded systematic industry is allied
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Zhuhai Europe bit controls project Inc. (abbreviation: ┤ of chaste tree of the numerous  that bear to bring up goes up outskirt of  of target  slash  especially leg discharge  spends  of pilfer of  of Long inferior mew to make fun of  Hui Pu Xing to read  to make fun of ⒌ of Zhuo of frowsty waterside of ┎ ⒒ Song to be troubled by discharge  to spend Long ノ of colourful of crisp evil spirit of  of pilfer of inferior mew 

Accompanying home embedded the rapid development of the industry, the common problem that for better settlement place of the company in the industry faces, allied emerge as the times require is embedded in. China is embedded systematic industry alliance is China embedded the organization of mass organizations of sex of the first mark of the industry, already had unit of a few members at present. Depend on the advantage of allied collective, it is OK in home each industry is built complete embedded industrial catenary, the communication between stimulative home company and government and international person of the same trade, create more cooperative opportunities, promote enterprise whole competition ability, communication of the information inside stimulative industry and advantage are complementary, the health that promotes whole industry develops.

Europe bit company is the same as other the member that alliance sets in already was being joined (small achieve software, east soft group, National University of Defense Technology is embedded research center, colour inspects the company such as science and technology) same, extremely powerful force is had inside course of study. Joined unit of director of Zhuhai software guild 2000; Was maintained to be Zhuhai city technology 2001 advanced company; Was maintained to be Guangdong to save company of new and high technology 2006; Was cooperated to coordinate a center to judge external by Chinese medium and small businesses 2008 for " integrated circuit makes a trade 100 strong companies " .

Europe bit company is a major is engaged in high-powered, Gao Ke leaning embedded SOC chip and embedded the high-tech enterprise of the research and development of systematic product, production and sale. It leans with realizing the high-powered, Gao Ke of the product from beginning to end, miniaturization, homebred change reach low cost to be development direction, already developed at present went out embedded SOC processor chip / IP nucleus, Gao Ke leans embedded bus line chip / IP nucleus, embedded intelligence controls platform (EIPC) , embedded bus line controls module (EMBC) etc, and hardware of environment of package of support of the operating system of corresponding form a complete set, BSP, compositive development, development | The product such as the tool. The company produces those who be based on standard of framework of SPARC V8 processor is embedded SOC chip product, be on domestic banner level all the time. Its product applies extensively already at the domain such as electron of industrial control, aerospace, national defence at present, already managed systematic attestation through ISO9000 quality.
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