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TI establishs Kilby lab to be dedicated to offerring revolutionary semiconductor
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Heart state apparatus | Appearance (TI) announces to establish Kilby laboratory (Kilby Labs) , in order to be dedicated to research and development the innovation knowledge of revolutionary semiconductor technology. This new lab comes out 50 years to held water that day at integrated circuit, invent continuance Jack Kilby chip to change the spirit of human lifestyle and achievement.

The Dalasi that Kilby Labs will repose at TI north is divisional, the conception that establishs this laboratory comes from inchoate TI lab. Namely in those days Kilby design gives first chip, and from now on open is led to3G Equipment of mobile phone, portable ultrasonic and car prevent the genetic ground that adopts the science and technology such as dead brake system. This new the orgnaization that hold water will build up college school researcher and top TI engineer, technology of joint exploration semiconductor changes the possibility that the mankind lives. No matter be the technology with new research and development makes Medical Protection equipment more portable, use new the sources of energy, or the car with more energy-saving development, the researcher of Kilby Labs will dedicated at the advanced chip with far-reaching research and development.

In the completion celebration ceremony of building of semiconductor of TI north partition, TI president holds presiding apparitor Rich Templeton concurrently to express, TI believes, to the mankind the life produces the technology of major effect, it is the target that TI develops hard. Make the world more healthy, safe, environmental protection and be full of recreational belief to drive TI to throw chip innovation, also be to make TI the motivation that the staff member works everyday. And also be this motivation likewise, arouse Jack Kilby to invent the first IC, the concept that passes through him and invention change this world.

TI senior vice president holds a project concurrently to carry out initiator Gregg Lowe to express, TI period makes Kilby Labs can combine the experience that TI chip technology develops and the knowledge to user demand, and the dream of staff of development of new generation innovation. The technology comes from Yu Meng to want, TI hopes to be able to found better environment, let people can imagine and build better world. TI thinks, commemorate Jack Kilby makes best way, make everybody organic can be a foundation with the achievement of Kilby namely, use new technology to let tiny chip improve human life considerably.
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