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DRAM industry produces can excess of great capacity force person closes round pl
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Hailishi semiconductor company (Hynix) last week 4 announced this company quickens retire from post its200 millimeterThe plan of brilliant round factory, express the M7 factory that will be located in Korea Icheon at be being shut at the end of this month. Hailishi has announced to shut two before this200 millimeterFactory, one is located in Korea Cheongju, another is located in the Eugene of Ore.

Hailishi expresses, this company is located in China those who do not have stannum is the last200 millimeterFactory, tone small original plan is the crop of circle of every months of 130 thousand brilliant, put in special product mainly. The reduction of output of this factory that do not have stannum will bring about Hailishi200 millimeterRound total output goes to brilliant decrease at the beginning of 2009 to this company all yield can 10% , and this data of the end of the year was 2007 50% .

Hailishi's whole is produced can will shut as the factory decrease 30% , its DRAM and NAND shine put produce can decrease respectively 20% with 40% . Hailishi expresses, the most DRAM of this company and NAND are produced translate into300 millimeterBrilliant round factory.

DRAM industry experienced long-term downturn, ascribe to on a lot of degree the overcapacity of entire industry. Of go into operation of a lot of companies300 millimeterFactory birth rate is far rapid at anticipating, make early before of generation200 millimeterBrilliant round factory lost profit dominant position.
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