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IBM marchs domain of chip of 15 accept rice
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On September 22Message, new technology makes IBM ceaseless narrow its microprocessor. Current semiconductor technology can narrow processor in 65-45 accept rice only in, and the target of Intel company next year is 32 accept rice however. IBM company further, announce its plan to produce the processor of 22 accept rice.

According to the report, these two companies have similar management line. Intel plans measure of ceaseless and contractible chip, arrive from 45 accept rice 32 accept rice, it is 22 accept rice next, arrive again 14 or 15 accept rice, arrive finally 10 accept rice. But the end that the government announced to realized 32 accept rice 2009 only, did not disclose the time that other target realizes, also did not disclose how will achieve these goals. Actually, the chip that makes an an atom standard is far more complex than assembling a bicycle much.

IBM expressed a few days ago, they will cooperate with Mentor Graphics, use next generation computation to etch the semiconductor that technical software will come to make and produce 22 accept rice, predict this kind of semiconductor can be in 2011 the end of the year or the beginning of the year came out 2012. IBM had produced a few products to regard interior as experiment and assessment sample.

As a result of the limitation on flow, show some etching the chip that the technology cannot support 22 accept rice at all, in other words, cannot make the chip of size of 22 accept rice at all. Are the design of IBM semiconductor company and technology compositive sectional chief Kevin? Wo Lun (Kevin Warren) says, IBM can use the equipment a future life that produces chip of 32 accept rice to produce the chip that gives 22 accept rice.

This kind is improved won't be in camera lens and numeric aperture respect, industry is early the influencing factor that affirms this respect has reached academic limit. So, settling way can be to use only show some etching hardware | Tool, will narrow through much collateral consideration product measure. Can ceaseless in whole technological process imitate mixes the contractible scale that computation comes out optimize. With Intel, IBM company also is in turn to a design compositive degree of taller metallic door parts of an apparatus, it will be used at 32 accept rice and processor of 22 accept rice.
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