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Put into production becomes international of the core in Wuhan now our country i
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Chip becomes Wuhan to make triode dream wanted to come true eventually. Now, international of the core in Wuhan will be formal put into production. Had cost one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan first phase project, also be our country mid area the first12 inchesChip product line.

International of the core in Wuhan calls Wuhan chip the factory again, first phase project always has invested one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, by province, city, area 3 class finance invests jointly, management of production company of integrated circuit of international of the core in entrusting. According to introducing, this12 inchesChip product line, it is the scale of investment of my province monomer is the largest high-tech since founding a state makes an item.

12 inches of chip are the whole world the chip product of top end, use extensively at the electronic product such as mobile phone, computer, television, eye has 46 product line only on preexistence bound. Core international is the world at present in manufacturer of the 3rd big chip, also be chinese mainland dimensions the chip industry with the biggest, production the strongest actual strength.

"Wuhan chip plant will become the Silicon Valley of Wuhan. " east lake developing zone is in charge of appoint can relevant personage expresses, its put into production, will drive large quantities of one semiconductor firms (include IC design and groom, semiconductor equipment is supplied reach after service, enclose test, raw material to supply etc) come Chinese investment, form semiconductor industry group.

Press a plan, this project can achieve a quantity to produce every months 2009 21 thousand, year sales revenue amounts to 6 billion yuan. 2 period, 3 period after been build, lunar output achieves 100 thousand, produce per year give 20 billion yuan of above. At present in core international first phase needs altogether of all kinds employee 1700 people, personnel of technology of industry of its technical secondary school 700 more than person.
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