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In technical seminar was in core international 2008 Shanghai is held
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Core international integrated circuit creates limited company in (SMIC) atOn September 19In Shanghai international of the core in holding 2008 technical seminar, also be medium the seminar of the 8th technology that core international holds. The participation that partner of engineer of design of client that the seminar attracted more than 300 to come from global each district, chip, technology waits for with the supplier.

"Hand in hand win-win " it is a theme of seminar. Core international president holds a CEO concurrently inZhang Ru BeijingThe doctor is in kick off deliver a speech on the grade that international of the core in reviewing passes innovation and cooperative place to obtain in going a few years, future of international of the core in was being looked into complies with an industry to develop the development way of the trend, thank all clients, partner and supplier international of the core in be opposite all the time since support energetically, expect future realizes bigger win-win with closer cooperation.

Bright red Xu Dong attends chairman of committee of science and technology of Shanghai Pudong new developed area and make a speech, the important contribution that international of the core in affirming is place of industry of Shanghai integrated circuit to make, hope everybody cooperates to promote an industry to develop jointly cheek by jowl at the same time. Astral tiny chip is designed in with vice-president of research and developmentZhang YinongThe doctor made to everybody on the seminar " Chinese IC industry grows look into: Conformity and innovation " the theme makes a speech.

Core international is in on the seminar as companionate as the technology people share communicated 45/65 accept rice the current situation such as technology of edition of film of technology of system of cable of the logistic technology that make Cheng, mixture signal, radio frequency, imitate and technology of power comsumption integrated circuit, personal computer, smooth attack by surprise and development trend. In the newest product of core international, latest technology and service also pass this seminar to make everybody understands more.

This second conference returns ad hoc committee EDA technology forum, lecturer comes from inside much family property famous IP supplier, the welcome of the person that got attend the meeting.
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