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Day stands recombine business of TV of its deficit flat to fall from the pine pu
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Japanese day stands (Hitachi) expresses, will fall from the pine (company of estate of Panasonic) electric equipment buys parts of an apparatus or appliance of core plasma TV. Day stands to recombining the flat TV business of its deficit. At present liquid crystal technology is dominating flat TV market.

Day stand at attention solves deficit of flat TV business in effort, face the price that comes from Suo Ni, Xia Pu and SamSung electron and LG electron competitive pressure is added increasingly drama. Day stands will fall from the pine buy vitreous face plate, this is the high-end component in plasma TV. A few analysts think, this action may bring about day to stand to exit plasma face plate finally to make professional work.

According to DisplaySearch of market survey firm, day stands to own the share of 7.5% in increasingly atrophic plasma TV market.

Come down to say to the pine, the client of plasma face plate that this cooperative as good as stabilizes at was being harvested. Although liquid crystal TV continues to erode the market share of plasma TV, dan Song falls to still plan to build face plate of a plasma and TV plant in Japan next year.

Product value glides continuously, japanese pioneer (Pioneer) company announced to exit production of plasma face plate March this year, turn to the face plate that buys a pine to fall. Expressed a few days ago, will continue to produce circuit board in his plasma video shop.

Suffer this message effect, the stock that day establishs rose 0.3% , closing quotation price is every 730 yen, close below the pine low 3.2% to 1912 yen, tokyo electric machinery kind the index fell 2.2% .

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