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Santur demonstrates 100GbpsInP light compositive technology
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On September 23, 2008, santur company announces to reveal the 100Gbps emitter that is based on InP laser and detector array and receiver on ECOC2008 today.

Among them emitter is compositive array of laser of a distributinging DFB, with what its match PLC answer is used implement, receiver matched photoelectricity diode array and the solution that match with its answer with implement. Santur states the application of optical compositive technology eliminated parts of an apparatus of schism of passageway of the sheet in traditional photon parts of an apparatus and fiber-optic coupler use.

With be based on banding much model is fiber-optic (what the collateral 10x10Gbps technology of MMF) differs is, the single standard that the emitter of Santur and receiver product are based on a tradition is fiber-optic, can support longer transmission distance thereby. The parts of an apparatus of 100Gbps Chan Moguang fine with photograph other at the same time comparing, the new product of Santur does not need complex modulation plan, also do not need Gearbox IC to change signal into 25Gbps reconditioning.

As dedicated the enterprise at research and development of compositive InP parts of an apparatus, santur states they had been in adjustable laser market acquired very major lead position. The Santur that at present the whole world has had nearly 200 thousand to be based on compositive laser array only is adjustable laser product applies in long-distance with network of city land with certain boundaries in. This one technology also lets Santur development give powerful and reliable 40Gbps to arrive 400Gbps photon integrated circuit (PIC) product.

Demonstrate in the spot of ECOC in, santur uses 10 10.3Gbps passageway to undertake WDM answer is used, realize 100Gbps to be in thereby10 kilometersChan Moguang fine is transmitted. This one technology will simplify in receiving network and company core network10GOf the passageway upgrade, and those who satisfy data center is fiber-optic upgrade.
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