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Japanese light-wave plans to develop overseas market China is a station
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Overcome in Jia Sida (JASDAQ) the Japanese glow diode that appear on the market (LED) manufacturer light-wave plan begins overseas to sell from October. Outside removing our country mainland and Taiwan zone, return the part of the lamps and lanterns that will sell use LED in Korea, Europe. The overseas sale network that will use the Tian Cun that accepted light-wave investment in May to make place undertakes selling. This company is restricted to be sold inside Japan only at present, will raise the abroad rate in sale to 5 % to control before 2010 year nevertheless.

Will use as in Chinese sale in October above all the LED part that billboard back takes the light " ShiningEye " . This year still will roll out the Led bulb that replaces ChipLED and incandescent lamp " ShiningBall " . Sale area also will ordinal expand.

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