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Reduction of output of LG   Display may have the end the return in October norm
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The whole world LG Display of face plate of the 2nd big TFT LCD just announced to will last at not long ago reduction of output, look by latest news nevertheless, although look before face plate boom still ambiguous, but LG Display movement of this reduction of output is about to come to an end. Cover in 21 days according to Korea media The Korea Times, quan Yingxiu of LG Display presiding apparitor (Kwon Young-soo) expresses, do obeisance to Taiwan supplier place of active reduction of output is granted, this company already saw the sign of demand spring back, the step of reduction of output that from July the bottom begins to undertake is about to stop, predict to be produced since October can reply normal level.

LG Display begins to have reduction in production by July oneself, join procession of reduction of output of manufacturer of other face plate, ever announced newest money to measure in September, the 3rd season (7~9 month) shipment volume and face plate are average price general under anticipate formerly, later because American economy condition is exasperate,LG Display expresses again, affect terminal market demand, because this reduction of output plans to will undertake continuously in September, be regarded as the early-warning that trend of face plate market ebbs.

Nevertheless LG Display is about to end reduction of output to plan nowadays, quan Yingxiu visits Chinese Beijing to participate in a seminar at present, he states if friend is amounted to,Taiwan heads a firm, strange beautiful electron, Hua Ying avoiding to bear below the consideration of deficit, the investment after all be being delayed plans, bring beneficial effect to the market, apply at IT product at present (wait like NB) in demand of small size face plate already rose, and the demand with steady mobile phone also conduces to LG Display maintaining gain profit. Nevertheless Quan Yingxiu points out, still present depression with requirement of face plate field in TV.

Nevertheless, face plate of acting TFT LCD of LG Display 8 produces a line to will still fall to begin go into operation partly 2009 according to original plan, quan Yingxiu expresses, schedule of carry of the battalion after this company is delayed innocently, although 8 acting lines enter a quantity to produce pair of company fact to be check of one final examination, but also be one great good opportunity.

Whether to meet in the 4th season when LG Display be askinged about if the analyst anticipates,present battalion carry deficit, quan Yingxiu not the front is answered, emphasize this company already having large client's firm sale access nowadays only, already with the situation is different 2006; Face plate boom was immersed in 2006 low fan, the manufacturer is immersed in the management predicament such as deficit for a time.
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