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MED signs cent to sell an agreement to perfect an Asia to sell a network in Kore
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Kaga of afterwards and limited company of science and technology of dragon of Chinese fine horse, Japan yuan after electric Inc. signs company of parts of an apparatus and grand of Chinese Taiwan annulus to cent is sold and serve an agreement, company of MicroEmissive Displays(MED) of manufacturer of domain of global P-OLED small monitor, expanding in the Asia its sale reachs service network further, be in Korea appoint new branch sells a partner. The mobile multimedia fittings that this new branch sells an agreement to make MtekGlobal limited company can face complete Korea not only and electronic viewfinder (the design business of EVF) people, sell the small monitor product of MED, at the same time more perfect MED serves a network in Asian sale.

MtekGlobal limited company is company of indication technology of a Korea, the ball shows dedicated Yu Xiangquan equipment tycoon, show like SamSung electron and LG, roll out all sorts of issueing generation indication technology, application, patent and IP.

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