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Business of Hangzhou vogue science and technology uses equipment department
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Company introduction
Limited company of Hangzhou vogue science and technology is the new generation that the compositive, application that a major is engaged in product of new and high technology, service and the development of soft, hardware and sale are an organic whole company of new and high technology. We basically are characteristic with managing famous brand, the each series product that rolls out (balance of engine of the commercial Pos cash register, machine that order paper money, cash register, spending, bar code, interphone, door of guard against theft, guard against theft buckles, series of monitoring of guard against theft) our: Strategic goal —— cultivates a brand to do hundred years business
Management tenet —— is realistic enterprising and when into
Product strategy —— compares sexual price accomplish a trade the first
Sale tenet —— cuts the long-term interests for the client
Service tenet —— bears the blame beg accredit to go all lengths do one's best is perfect

Legal person delegate: Wang Sheng registers fund: 500 thousand yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company: 50
Year turnover: Management mode: Commerce
Advocate battalion product / service:
POS cash register orders bank note aircraft
What belong to kind of eye: Electronic city (terminal market)>City of other area electron

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