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Assemble limited company of hollow attune fittings
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Company introduction
Jiangsu assembles limited company of hollow attune fittings is to produce family expenses and business to use air conditioning two implement (condenser, evaporator) professional manufacturer, the company has advanced manufacturing facilities 3, introduce high speed punching machine from American OAK company, introduce high speed punching machine from Italian AMS company two, manufacturing technology rate of mechanization of advanced, equipment is high, the company has 120 stuff, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning 20 people, the worker passes Nanjing and school of the ability that do not have stannum to groom entirely, air conditioning two implement pass ISO9001 attestation, product standards is all ready, have ∮ 7, ∮ 9.52, ∮ 12.7, ∮ the mould of 4 kinds of 15.88 norms, the product is sold as far as to Euramerican reach southeast Asia, those who be in domestic datival power, beauty, the form a complete set of famous brand enterprise such as sea Er, TCL, Ge Lanshi, the market is famous degree taller, market prospect is very capacious.

Legal person delegate: Old crisscross footpaths between fields registers fund: 1 million yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company: 100
Year turnover: Management mode: Type of production
Advocate battalion product / service:
Condenser, air conditioning two implement
What belong to kind of eye: Potentiometer

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