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Without limited company of microelectronics of couplet of stannic city brilliant
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Company introduction
My company is to be located of Yu Taihu bank the new developed area do not have stannum that has energy most, advantageous situation reachs the development of senior and professional personage, in semiconductor the domain is able to develop goodly. The company basically is engaged in integrated circuit of research and development, sale and schism parts of an apparatus, with technical communication, genuine cooperation is criterion, start good tomorrow together with the personage inside broad user and course of study!

Legal person delegate: Register fund: 10 thousand yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company:
Year turnover: Management mode: Type of production
Advocate battalion product / service:
LM1875, leakage of electricity is special circuit 54123, BT169 of silicon controlled rectifier
What belong to kind of eye: Integrated circuit

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