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Trade of 10 thousand benefit Xin labour limited company
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Company introduction
Limited company headquarters of 10 thousand trade of Li Xin labour are located in northward economy town of military importance---Shijiazhuang, company early days basically manages sample chamber of fast thermocouple, molten steel, calm oxygen to decide hydrogenous probe to reach all sorts of industry to wait for product later period occasionally with production rapid development makes part mechanical design is made, the building materials, property management omnibus group company that is an organic whole. The company sets lucky eaves Electromechanical, rich deep make, the 11 stature companies such as 10 thousand Lixin production, popular whole nation saves the product 30 times city. The company sets the agency outside be stationed in a province 4, match 6 to have the after service team that has gotten major to groom. The company covers an area of gross area now more than 70 mus, have stuff 517 people, among them personnel of advanced project technology 32 people, technical force is abundant.
The company pursues “ to be with the talent essential, maintain quality with science and technology, beg with quality live, with innovating hurried develops the administrative policy of ” , hold to “ to stabilize quality hurried development, drop the management idea of ” of cost synergism beneficial, carry on the “ sincere letter, spirit of enterprise that respects ” of course of study, enterprising, bold innovation, applied new technology, new material, new technology, new measure assures product quality, company product is in domestic and international metallurgy, cast wait for an industry to have taller reputation, ever got for many times of upper section commend and commend. At the same time the other industry of the company also expands as company dimensions and expand ceaselessly.

Everything lets “ client satisfaction ” is the objective that we pursue from beginning to end, face intense market competition, we will learn ceaselessly, hard enterprising, if afterwards goes the land,offer top-ranking product for broad client, excellent service; True-blue welcome new old friend visits guidance to my company, negotiate business!

Legal person delegate: Cui Jiangang registers fund: 5 million yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company: 500
Year turnover: Management mode: Type of production
Advocate battalion product / service:
Thermocouple, measure lukewarm meter
What belong to kind of eye: Inventory electron yuan parts of an apparatus, material

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