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Shanghai amounts to limited company of science and technology of pure environmen
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Company introduction
Shanghai amounts to brief introduction of limited company of science and technology of pure environmental protection:
My company is one of companies that home begins water treatment professional work the earliest, our achievable project has: Project of all of pure water system; Industrial technology water purification; Boiler water handles bate; Cooling water processing; Water treatment of central air conditioning; Industrial waste water, sewage handles a project; Suffer from desalt of salt water, seawater.
The applied domain of our product: Product line of clean water, drinking water; Municipal construction gives preparation of catchment, pharmaceutical factory industry; Dialytic, asepsis uses medical treatment water; Industry of treatment of beverage, food, brewing; Industry of electric power electron exceeds pure water; Eletroplate, course of study of chemical industry of batteries, metal uses water.
The service that we can provide: Water analysis; Program of water treatment technology and project are designed; Water treatment project invests analysis of report, feasibility; Setup of water treatment system is debugged, technical construction serves; Reverse osmosis equipment is safeguarded, clean, maintain reach after service; The technology grooms; Of the film that turn over ooze clean, of a variety of spare parts change.
The product that we can offer:
1.Equipment of reverse osmosis desalination, full automatic bate implement;
2.Exceed all of pure water system to reach filter system, EDI system;
3.Accurate filter, divide manganese filter except iron;
4.Family expenses and business use machine of reverse osmosis pure water;
5.Ultraviolet sterilization lamp;
6.Film reachs package;
7.Centrifugal pump, booster pump, circular pump;
8.Drug of controller of palace of aigret of American FLECK banked direction control valves, Japan, water treatment;
System of sewage disposal of 9. of all kinds life, industry, briny desalt equipment.

Legal person delegate: Gentleman of the first month registers fund: 1 million yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company: 50
Year turnover: Management mode: Commerce
Advocate battalion product / service:
Water treatment project and environmental protection are sold
What belong to kind of eye: Inventory electron yuan parts of an apparatus, material

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