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Zhongshan city is able to bear or endure amount to electronic limited company
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Company introduction
Zhongshan city is able to bear or endure amounting to electronic limited company is a major is engaged in the manufacturer that special switch power source produces LED lamps and lanterns. Sit in standing to be resided at reason of Zhongshan of great person grandson, Dongfeng presses down hill city. The product pervades domestic each province, city, sell as far as to two countries such as exit Europe, beautiful, southeast Asia. The products plan that devotes oneself to LED switch power source, development, production and after service are the enterprise of an organic whole.

Zhongshan city is able to bear or endure amount to collect of electronic limited company experience of domestic and international advanced technique, LED lamps and lanterns is special and waterproof technology of switch power source is banner all the time inside course of study. Ask high starting point of product fixed position, high level, high. Strict according to ISO9001: While the requirement of 2000 standards builds quality management system, undertake standardization is run effectively continuously, the development that devotes oneself to a product ceaselessly and make, face the market, service client, with the client hundred satisfaction is a target, offer comprehensive power source solution efficiently for the client neatly. Company product passes CE(EMC, LVD) , RoHS to wait relevant examine attestation, the product defends grade achieves IP67 or IP68. Product use entrance is efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving chip reachs yuan of parts of an apparatus; Small, life grows product volume, temperature rise low, stability is tall, increased the life of product of LED lamps and lanterns, stability, reduced light to decline, achieve the goal of energy-saving, environmental protection. The product applies extensively at lamp of Cheng of light chemical industry of illumination luminaries of indoor and outdoors LED, LED, LED to act the role of advertisement, LED to display screen, how to prevent each domains such as electronic-controlled and equipment, mechanical equipment.

Nowadays, zhongshan city is able to bear or endure amount to electronic limited company to deploy advanced manufacturing facilities and testing instrument, still have the technical group with the research and development that pursues power source of old LED switch, seasoned production, have abundant technology to develop ability and rich electronic product to produce experience. Zhongshan city is able to bear or endure amount to electronic limited company to developing flourishingly with healthy, rapid rate, the spirit of enterprise of enterprising of solidarity of the company's technology with major, high grade character, sincere letter offers a client top-ranking product and service. Be able to bear or endure amount to company faculty to wish to make the whole world with your joint efforts product of power source of waterproof switch of high quality LED produces base!

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