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Limited company of science and technology of solar energy of Qingdao Hao heart
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Company introduction
Solar energy street lamp is the main product of Hao heart company, product of solar energy street lamp is in the circumstance with current society in short supply energy resources, street lamp of Hao heart solar energy relies on the group of research and development of advanced technology and high quality, in solar energy domain, expand slowly, the product involves solar energy lamp, solar energy water heater, product of solar energy small home appliance, line of the products is complete, quality actor, friend of genuine welcome all circles cooperates.

Legal person delegate: Gu Lijie registers fund: 1 million yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company: 50
Year turnover: Management mode: Type of production
Advocate battalion product / service:
Solar energy lamp
What belong to kind of eye: Inventory electron yuan parts of an apparatus, material

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