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Shenzhen city gold inspects limited company of dimension science and technology
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Company introduction
Shenzhen city gold inspects factory of limited company of dimension science and technology to be located in on cropland of slope of auspicious of Shenzhen city cloth city of industry of snow science and technology on the west area 5, headquarters of domestic run carry reposes at the Hua Jiang north with Shenzhen flourishing special zone mart, the research and development that basically pursues the product such as monitor of TV of LCD, liquid crystal, liquid crystal, design and make; Company capital actual strength is abundant, formed good strategic associate to concern with supplier of face plate of liquid crystal of Taiwan, Japan, on the supply of raw material, have advantaged resource.

Legal person delegate: Register fund: 10 thousand yuan
Company type: Staff of company unit company:
Year turnover: Management mode: Type of production
Advocate battalion product / service:
15 inches of LCDs
What belong to kind of eye: Photoelectricity and indication parts of an apparatus>VFD of vacuum fluorescence monitor

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