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Provider of illuminant of room of newspapering of TV of first complete LED is bo
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Vitec company announces, had bought the asset of LitepanELs and business. Be opposite at first valence with out-of-pocket expense of dollar of 1.45 ten million, delay will press prospective profit to calculate to valence.

Be located in the Litepanels of California north Hollywood, used the patent with powerful backside to develop a series of TV to use LED and system of station vertical lighting, also got admissive in illume and professional broadcast in recent years. Vitec says Litepanels is the leader of media illume industry. The product that Litepanels makes can be used in location and studio environment, this includes room of brief report of news of the White House. LED lamp is very charming, use a field in studio and film especially, because compare traditional light source,this is more province report and changeover of quantity of heat, because more person begins to use this technology, LED industry hopeful grows quickly.

2007, the profit before Litepanels passes audit and had adjusted income and tax is respectively 5.8 million with 1.3 million dollar. 2008 it is 5 1 million dollars without the income of audit first half of the year. 2008-2011 year gain profit potentially ability is annual and highest can amount to dollar of 5 ten million. Add to valence before accumulate benefit ability to be 5 times EBIT (cease namely the profit before duty) .

Room of newspapering of TV of the first complete LED

Litepanels announced in March 2008, florida CBS Affiliate WPEC becomes studio of news of the first TV 100% with LED illuminative TV station. The TV station used the 1 X of Litepanels1 foot, 5600K shoots the light, the electric power that enjoyed HD comfortable effect to reduce lamp itself again already is used up and working room temperature is spent. Although shoot the light as a result of bigger scenic Litepanels LED,must enlighten more places, use phone actually however the 3kW that from tungsten lamp former 52kW reduces Litepanels LED lamp. Similar result also is behaved go up with report in studio air conditioning. WPEC project chief inspector says, it is true that the electric power of Litepanels place acceptance is saved. It comes true from two respects: Be electric power of electric lamp itself above all is economic; It is original tungsten lamp next giving out heat is air conditioning the electric power that consume is saved to come down.
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