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The throughout the country is about to make south Guangdong gloomy the biggest b
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Learned from the county austral gloomy yesterday, this county is aimed at make batteries industry " aircraft carrier " , industry of batteries of exert oneself implantation group, will build " the throughout the country is the biggest batteries produces base " establish is development target.

Current, entire county already was had provide relatively famous spent batteries industry produces a business many 40, among them business of dimensions above industry 13. According to not complete count, industry of the batteries austral gloomy already developed new product 25, declare patent 13.

The development that government of the county austral gloomy has been industry of the batteries austral gloomy orders played an end: Strive for 2010, batteries estate company number amounts to 65, among them business of dimensions above industry 30 above, annual produce amounts to 5 billion yuan. To 2020, business of battery of garden of industry of group of industry of this county batteries amounts to 120 above, business of dimensions above industry 60, form relatively complete, function of form a complete set is all ready, the industrial catenary with bright characteristic, production value amounts to 15 billion yuan, become form a complete set of volume product research and development, production, trade to serve at an organic whole, the country with perfect management is the biggest area of the most complete environmental protection professional garden.

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