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Thoroughfare science and technology of smooth hot season of happy part of a hist
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In June the middle ten days of a month, the earth of limited company of volt science and technology that finish builds the light of Zhejiang happy leaf that is located in city economy developing zone construction and equipment installation, enter formal production at present. First solar battery that this is our city building produces a business, indicate volt batteries had a solar energy light truly " thoroughfare the city is made " .

"Solar battery market is first-rate. " Cui Huilin says general manager of company of happy Xie Guangfu, the solar battery of the company piece photoelectricity changeover rate already was achieved the level goes up in home. Gas of ox of solar battery market is towering now, the product demands exceeds supply. Cui Huilin discloses, downstream component factory knows the solar battery " happy Xie Guangfu " when wanting to build a plant, already searched in succession come to want a product, be willing to infiltrate 10 thousand yuan thousands of make subscription ahead of schedule.

"The solar battery project of happy Xie Guangfu, medium the settle of polycrystalline silicon project of peaceful silicon industry thoroughfares city, catenary of industry of smooth hot season forms our city solar energy basically. " city classics appoint relevant chief says, "Polycrystalline silicon -- monocrystalline silicon -- solar battery " comprised a complete solar energy light volt industry catenary.

Be short of annulus

Monocrystalline silicon is the raw material that produces a solar battery. Speak of monocrystalline silicon, natural meeting mentions become civilized county.

"Production value of monocrystalline silicon of entire last year county makes an appointment with 1.2 billion yuan, achieve the likelihood 2.5 billion yuan this year. " trade of classics of become civilized county appoint a chief says very gladly, furnace of entire county single crystal already increased many 170 from 120 of last year.

1968, become civilized county built Zhejiang to save become civilized 601 factories (show a name " Inc. of electron of versatile silicon peak " ) , it is I visit plant of first semiconductor material, the product is monocrystalline silicon. In last few years, in the swift and violent growth of industry of solar energy smooth hot season, become civilized enterprise seizes opportunity in succession project of monocrystalline silicon of mount a horse. Since 2004, emerge early or late revealed business of many 20 monocrystalline silicon, crop of monocrystalline silicon of entire last year county already achieved 800 tons.
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