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NEC hand in hand world strong telecommunications holds MCU of   of All   Flash
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Understand the All Flash MCU with NEC brand-new electron quickly to assist more engineers, reveal its function and application in the round, fromRose on October 9, 2008, NEC electron will with its accredit agent world strong telecommunications hand in hand, in the whole nation 11 cities circuit holds seminar of technology of application of All Flash MCU. At the appointed time, the latest technology that the senior engineer that comes from telecommunications of NEC He Shijiang will share All Flash MCU together with spot honored guest, product application and rich use development experience.

Delibrate content basically involves NEC electron8/16/32The structure of All Flash MCU, characteristic and application, the spot offers development board to undertake use an experience: Single-phase / three-phase answer cost leads electric energy list, charger, fluorescent lamp dimmer, speech tonometer, HDMI-CEC, heat energy watch, light gas watch, dynamoelectric bicycle, electronic water meter, 8 BLDC, dash Board... , discuss jointly how to realize design of low power comsumption and motor control design, and the design security that how brings height for the client.

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