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Exposition of international integrated circuit is held in Suzhou
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On September 17, exposition of integrated circuit of the 6th China International reads extensively in Suzhou international the center is held, exhibit can close to by Chinese semiconductor guild, trade government of people of city of branch of industry of meeting electron information, Suzhou is sponsorred jointly.

Suzhou develops one of most fast cities as domestic electron Information Industry, integrated circuit industry achieves sales revenue first half of the year this year 11.38 billion yuan, grow 12.7% compared to the same period. Exhibit this can cover design, chip to make, enclose the industrial catenary such as service of material of test, equipment, technology each link. All of college of 18 home key such as university of Beijing University, Tsinghua, Fudan University is present. During, guild of semiconductor of Sino-US two countries will hold height forum, with respect to product of domestic and international electron the current situation of energy-saving technology and prospective development trend undertake delibrate.

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