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Collective of business of Chinese chip design suffers tired wind to cast glow no
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Already passed 2008 half, the outstanding achievement expression of company of big most conductor has however some make a person brokenhearted, whole industry enters autumn, the industry is added fast and profit appears the fact that different level glides already cannot be masked. To it photograph echo, capital market also drops in temperature subsequently in the devoted enthusiasm of semiconductor industry: Share price is low fan, IPO is laid aside, bank loan, venture capital investment and other all sorts of channel capital also send discretion more in the investment of semiconductor industry. This among them, chip design line of business is to suffer an influence to come more deep, and triumphant the happening of bright incident was to cause industry to design job to venture capital and chip more the wide attention that the current situation lives after union and think over.

Why does wind cast a predestined relationship to design job with chip chime in easily?

As concentrated as labor model chip manufacturing industry and seal a huge sum that measures course of study to need at every turn to throw photograph comparing, chip design belongs to technology intensive industry, it need not workshop and the high specified number that produce equipment are devoted, its are relatively accordingly lesser to the demand of capital. If the technology reachs a product to be able to obtain a breakthrough, benefit of investment of chip design estate is average special and considerable. The investment preference of the industrial characteristic of low investment and tall redound and venture capital investment happens to have the same view. Meanwhile, business of design of our country chip is at present numerous, and mostly dimensions is lesser, and chip designs kind of enterprise to be in growing initial stage, outside dividing certain technology base, also do not have gain, enterprise to manage existence without tangible product already bigger risk, this kinds of enterprise does not have together with commonly fixed assets guaranty, bank loan is relatively accordingly difficult, appear on the market financing also embarks on a journey hard, such, the characteristic that capital of venture capital investment reachs the designated position quickly and bilateral and quick collaboration way make its become our country chip to design the financing source that company emphasis seeks.

In fact, came 2003 this one level that high speed of industry of design of our country chip developed 2006, in the chip such as force of fire of small, Zhuhai designs the star the abroad success of the enterprise appears on the market to let savor of venture capital investment really benefit, however, such good view did not last: Nearly two years, in star the company profit such as force of fire of small, Zhuhai glides ceaselessly; Kaiminggan is fragile close exit, entered venture capital is immersed in lair; More company capital catenary ruptures thoroughly, business development steps forward dimension difficult. Investigate its reason, ability of low end of product of industry of design of our country chip, innovation and the hard injury with technical insufficient reserve become the main obstacle that industrial development and capital get.
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