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Shang De builds 300MW solar battery to produce base in Yangzhou
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A few days ago, shang De builds product line of a solar battery in Jiangsu Yangzhou. This company shows, new plant year solar battery crop is 300MW. To 2009 still productivity of heart solar battery will achieve 1.4GW.

Shang De electric power accuses a limited company president to hold presiding apparitor concurrentlyShi ZhengrongThe doctor expresses, this is Shang Degong department consolidates in global light volt industry group precedes further another major move of the position.

As global light volt industry expands one of the fastest high-tech businesses, the product of smooth hot season that Shang De electric power makes owns own intellectual property entirely, among them efficient solar cell is its advocate make a product, production technology whole world is banner, 2007, the company achieves yield 360 million are made of baked clay, the sale amounts to 10 billion yuan, before industry of smooth hot season of ascend body whole world 3 strong.

"Yangzhou is the promising young person of industry of solar energy smooth hot season, have good industrial base, attracting us to invest. Attracting us to invest.. Shi ZhengrongThe doctor says, this year in May, shang De electric power and Jiangsu arranged big company to sign silicon material to supply a contract, suitable big company will arrive 2008 during 2020, supply solar energy silicon chip every year for Shang De electric power, gross is 7GW about. "Shang De electric power and suitable big company are sure to form advantage of strong strong collaboration, the conformity that is sure to accelerate catenary of industry of bend over of domestic solar energy light and perfect, be sure to consolidate Shang De electric power precedes in group of industry of global smooth hot season further position. Be sure to consolidate Shang De electric power precedes in group of industry of global smooth hot season further position..

Shi ZhengrongThe doctor thinks, below the big setting that is faced with pressure of environment of shortage of energy natural resources, zoology to increase in the whole world, compose puts forward to build in our country managing model, harmony society, and energy-saving below the big environment that decreases economy of low carbon of platoon, development to regard a long-term fundamental development as guiding principle, industry of solar energy smooth hot season is sure to make industry of the energy-saving environmental protection that our country key expands new and high technology.
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