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Electron yuan boom of parts of an apparatus picks up in next year 2 quarters
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Suffer 2Q to spend the influence of end expensive stock and be issued to lower levels of terminal product requirement, 3 quarters yuan firm of parts of an apparatus is general busy season not flourishing. Experienced the effect that cost rises, electronic industry faces the risk of demand be issued to lower levels again. Actually, this year first half of the year, electronic product drives next maintenance in rising market 10% of the left and right sides good add fast. But the economic growth of rising market also begins to glide, this will restrain an electron to regard the future of optional consumable as demand.

We think this round adjust the end will see in next year 2Q. 1) electron yuan the adjustment of parts of an apparatus is periodic it is 1-1.5 normally or so years, unless encounter,resemble network bubble is undone 2000 etc blame is regular element, and epicycle is adjusted last year 4Q has begun (expression is reduced for capital spending, supply growth puts delay) ; 2) the historical status of 8 years since adding equipment investment and order newly to had been been close to 3 years, the supply pressure of next year will put delay considerably; 3)

American economy hopeful picks up in 9 the end of the year; Review chinese mainland electron to appreciate to be behaved mediumly in epicycle, can discover competition ability did not get too much harm, the mainland still is the manufacturing base that has cost advantage and industrial group effect most: 1) exit forehead grows 24.1% compared to the same period first half of the year, drop only compared to the same period 1.1 percent (global industry is added fast also putting delay) . The electron appears on the market the abroad of the company is added fast want outclass home generally to add fast, be not the extroversion that before be like, investor anticipates enterprise to export the view of damage. 2) southeast Asia country of a few low cost, be like Vietnam, the element cost such as manpower and land although under China, but investment climate and dimensions decided its are in 3-5 still cannot carry on inside year the move that comes from China. Of course, if the RMB appreciates,continue, will spark likely industrial move.

The mainland already was the electron with the greatest whole world is assembled and hind line production base. The industry is mixed to the technology thick and fast by labor capital is concentrated model move is certain way, many fractionize domains already had this kind of requirement that upgrade. From this angle, we recommend song Er acoustics, big a group of things with common features laser and Hua Wei electron (still remain the breakthrough of 6 inches of lines) , and their competitor basically is the manufacturer of high cost area such as day of Han Jiou beauty, the entrance replaces demand bigger. Additional, downstream demand remains the same exuberant LED bibcock ST3 is installed and in boat photoelectricity (be benefited
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