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Pattern of competition of industry of Chinese LED illume is analytic
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Chinese LED industry had formed basic and complete industry chain, preliminary formed delta of Pearl River delta, the Yangtse River, northern region, Jiangxi and Fujian area 4 large area, each area is preliminary formed more complete industry chain, the LED company of 85% above is distributed in these areas. The base of industrialization of semiconductor illume project of first approval is project of national semiconductor illume Shanghai, Xiamen, Dalian and Nanchang, reflected pattern of this kind of industry basically.

Area of Pearl River delta

Industry of illume of semiconductor of Pearl River delta basically is centered at and other places of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fosan, Dongguan, the clearest competition advantage uses the market namely bigger the assemble of downstream enterprise in mixing, it is home encloses dimensions the biggest, investment most area; Guangzhou of concentration had centered a few to enclose an enterprise downstream, in enclose and the Shenzhen of; of lead dominant position of LED application respect was formed " sapphirine, denotative, chip, enclose, application " whole industry catenary, emerge in large numbers gave a batch of well-known companies. Its weak point of Pearl River delta depends on technical force relative weakness, and existing technical force too concentration is in a few a few enterprises.

Area of delta of the Yangtse River

Industry of LED of delta of the Yangtse River basically is centered at Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Shanghai has been made in semiconductor chip and enclose applied respect to present a good industry to develop posture, formed more complete industry catenary and company group; Jiangsu is enclosed in LED reach applied respect to had taken shape; Ning Bo has very good property basis and economic area advantage, it is base of home's main production of special type illumination luminaries, development potential is very great. The advantage of industry of illume of semiconductor of delta of the Yangtse River is to have many technology and commercial talented person, industrialization experience is richer, capital force is relatively abundant.

Northern region

The orgnaization of northern region research and development that is a delegate with Beijing, Dalian most concentration, force of research and development is the most powerful, the Dalian of; of domestic best technology that has denotative chip has apparent area in industrialization respect advantage and very strong industry actual strength, pass transfer of technology and industrialization, dalian has become our country's important LED property base. The advantage of the semiconductor illume industry of northern region is orgnaization of research and development and talent more.
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