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Beijing porcelain 55 billion yen makes the solar battery is produced can break u
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Beijing porcelain will invest 55 billion yen inside 4 years up to 2011 year, make the solar battery is produced can amount to 650 thousand kilowatt, rise than 2008 year 1 times much. Still will discuss build the plant that produces unit of main part solar battery. This company occupies share of solar battery whole world at present the 4th. And each competition company still invests in the increase production with active proceed, strive for exceed instead.

The 45 billion yen in investment will be used at unit of augment solar battery to produce can. Be in at present grow congratulate plant of 8 days of city (grow congratulate county east close river city) be engaged in production, the plan will create new manufacturing base henceforth. Strive 2011 year make produce can break up by the implementation of 300 thousand kilowatt of this year time. 10 billion yen will use the others to enhance those who be located in China and Czech to wait to assemble a factory.

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