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PCB is restricted to produce or will bring the biggest impact to PCB industry
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Pcb is restricted to produce predict to will bring the biggest impact to PCB industry, will calculate with the dimensions that PC industry predicts to the computer on the desk will maintain about 150 million stage, NB to make an appointment with 120 million this year, use PCB produces the coronal that can be product of of all kinds electron.

The printed circuit that China needs to electronic product place board (PCB) undertake bounds to produce, the production that pounds electronic course of study, because use,measure with the NB related PC industry, MB among them the biggest, the influence is being shown most, course of study person predict the 3rd season rises, PCB supply and demand can begin to be critical, many big plants begin to promote PCB self-sufficient rate since last year will because answer,try.

Chinese government drives an industry actively to upgrade, besides will promote average wage with labor contract law, and Jie in order to wash out industry of low additional value outside, for Chinese afforest industry strengthen, divide outside guiding RoHs is carried out at homeland, in the past a few like PCB the industry of this kind of tall pollution is produced can also will prohibit outspread.

Taiwan PCB course of study person in as top related to PC industry company is not little, if Yo is rich, calm clever the PCB that produces into place waiting for a factory with essence of life, give priority to with offer or giving Taiwan lead plane board job namely, additionally vasting Yu Bo and gold resemble the NB of majority of electric criterion include using PCB.

Be restricted to produce for what because of answering the mainland has begun, the person that included PCB line of business last year and PC course of study person have apply for to expand first produce can movement, PC course of study person should promote oneself quite actively self-sufficient rate more, if combine the 100 large of PCB factory below the banner with large,big broad PCB begins to produce since last year can 3 times, elite also values the city after PCB, establish department of the 4th career, will can plan to produce with foot of 2 million square, undertake enlarge is produced.

These PC course of study person the PCB of oneself is produced can use besides what will produce for oneself outside, also value the actual strength that accepts the order external, if the PCB branch of elite has begun to accept the order external, be regarded as another seek profits unit.
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