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Home consumes electronic market to will have major change
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For a lot of participator in consuming electronic market to China, market situation will produce major change 2008, steady growth momentum of before a few years will end, demand will keep balance to contract even.

ISuppli company predicts China consumes an electron to supply catenary to will put delay apparently, and the beginning that afore-mentioned phasic change marks wear this kind to put delay. Because food and crude oil rise in price, china of the 2nd quarter consumed electronic market to encounter the predicament with depressed demand. But, outcome is better because of abroad zone sale status and keep stable.

Although demand picks up in the 3rd quarter, but market of Chinese consumption electron and semiconductor supplier sell target respect to still face bigger challenge this year in implementation. Global economy walks along situation inaccuracy to decide, weakening the confidence of Chinese consumer, make its indecisive when buying big goods.

According to ISuppli company, to retain competition ability, semiconductor supplier must provide the supportive service with wider range, in order to satisfy all sorts of requirements of the client. Main supplier already built an interior to support a group, the design that includes to face end item to develop serves a group, and the group that supports cent to sell business and ministry of design firm substandard to serve a network.

In addition, they must be offerred to top class manufacturer direct with technical support, in order to ensure oneself market share. Semiconductor supplier adjusts sale strategy ceaselessly, with satisfying client requirement better.

As growth slowdown, market share competition will be more intense. In a lot of markets, supplier will must confront more adversary and fewer final client. The supplier must organize a structure to undertake necessary reform to oneself, it is strategy of oriented competitive fixed position with adopting market of in order to successfully. In the market with intense competition, besides the dominant position that builds technology and client service aspect, the supplier must pay close attention to the sale strategy of adversary.

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