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Industry of bearing of our country instrument expands ceaselessly in market shar
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From industry finance affairs data looks, as a result of the rapid development of our country economy, drove an instrument | The rapid growth of demand of appearance bearing industry, the income of instrument bearing industry of our country and profit had achieved the rapid growth of 20 % above 5 years continuously.

National hair changes appoint message, appearance of instrument of before this year 5 months and article do investment of mechanical manufacturing industry to amount to 11.6 billion yuan, grow 39 % compared to the same period. Customs data shows, instrument appearance exports the forehead to be 9.441 billion dollar first quarter, grow 40.2% compared to the same period. Import the specified amount first quarter 17.97 billion dollar, grow 35% compared to the same period.

The product know exactly about sth with output rapidder growth piles up camera, composition to analyse instrument, camera, compared to the same period increase rate is respectively 401% , 3965% , 3477% .

Although the integral technology level of industry of bearing of our country instrument and photograph of foreign developed country are compared not strong, but in recent years a few products expand ceaselessly in market share of abroad. Data shows, industry of bearing of our country instrument exported delivery cost to grow 39.2% compared to the same period last year, export value exceeded 1/4 of total production value. The rapid growth that these data indicate entire industry suffers exit to pull move relatively apparent, but at the same time, the change of the international market also is being increased to the influence of entire industry.

Export side, the labor that is a delegate with kilowatt-hour meter, water meter is concentrated model the product still is window, at present our country already became the state of the biggest outlet of these two kinds of products.

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