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IC   Insights: Chip price will tend stable
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ICInsights of market research firm a few days ago will semiconductor industry income anticipated 2008 reduced 6 billion dollar, but state long-term trend will support the price to tend at the same time stable, came 2007 2012 semiconductor industry year all compound increase rate (CAGR) will amount to 10.6 % .

ICInsights anticipates semiconductor industry will grow 4 % 2008 at present, amount to 244.3 billion dollar. This company predicts increase rate is 7 % this year before 3 months, amount is 250.3 billion dollar.

ICInsights president BillMcClean falls this attune ascribe two parts -- the NANDflash market of the logistic IC market that inventory of honest all previous adjusts and slump in price.

McClean expresses, IC shipment volume maintains driving growth this year, amplitude is 8 % , but average sale price (ASP) reduce 4 % . "The market anticipates because shipment is measured,reducing is not, however as a result of the price. " his say.

From will for a long time look, mcClean says at present trend of capital expenditure reductive will promote brilliant round factory to produce can utilization rate, conduce to price stability finally, press costly case even. Mixed 2007 average sale price reduced chip respectively 2006 5 % and 8 % .

McClean points out, acceptor acceptor wanted chip manufacturer to produce the can outspread effect that put delay 2008, expenditure of semiconductor industry capital will reduce 18 % .

McClean still points out, a lot of manufacturers in going a few years use " light brilliant round factory " mode brought tremendous opportunity for acting plant business.

The data of ICInsights shows, the capital expenditure of 11 semiconductor company exceeded 1 billion dollar 2008, mixed 2006 all was 16 2007.

To 2009, ICInsights forecasts capital expenditure to count the unit growth, predict to be 8 % - 10 % .

McClean says frankly, ICInsights is sentenced beforehand to what the price stabilizes is to be based on expenditure of chip firm capital to keep low below the condition. "If expenditure of next year capital increases 20 % , we are then right of average sale price forecast forbade completely. We are then right of average sale price forecast forbade completely..
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