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New technology drives instrument appearance to develop at full speed
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Instrument | The high-tech of appearance appearance product is changed, be sure to become in the future the development mainstream of instrument appearance science and technology and industry. The world comes nearly 20 years, the new and high technology such as microelectronics technology, computer technology, accurate mechanical technology, high sealed technology, non-traditional machining technology, compositive technology, filmy technology, network technology, accept rice technology, laser technology, superconductive technology, biology technology achieved swift and violent progress.

This one setting and situation, raised more taller, newer, requirements to instrument appearance ceaselessly, like requirement speed faster, sensitivity better, sample measures taller, stability fewer, detect small caustic even remote control of telemetering of nondestructive, remote sensing is apart from further, use more convenient, cost cheaper, free from contamination, the development that also is instrument appearance science and technology and industry at the same time provided powerful impetus, became the material that instrument appearance develops further, knowledge and technical basis.

What need to point out especially is, come nearly 10 years, technology of the biologic research positive result that because include the accurate machinery of accept rice class to study the modernization of administrative levels of achievement, element learns,studies administrative levels of achievement, gene, new-style sensor and intelligence change a technology to study positive result, and large quantities of one contemporary and newest science and technology that tall nicety exceeds material of function of function special type to study achievement and promotion of global network technology apply achievement to wait inside of achievement come out eagerly.

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