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DTV decipher chip supports much standard to provide innovation stage for the sup
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According to ISuppli company, global each district from imitate to digital TV (DTV) broadcast transfers, making TV firm roll out the TV set that has chip of decipher of more advanced video. These decipher chip can support a variety of video standard and new the norms that roll out.

Predict the whole world equips this year the TV shipment volume of decoder of much standard video reachs growth 966 thousand, and 2007 is 0. Predict to 2012 shipment volume will rise 4, 1.7 million. Graphic representation is ISuppli company of market of decoder of video of DTV of much to the whole world standard forecast (it is unit) with 1000.

The whole world uses the television shipment volume of decoder of much standard video to forecast

In the past, wired, satellite and ground telecast count the number MPEG-2 regards video decipher as the standard. But, newer system is used increasingly more advanced make up decoder, be like MPEG-4 or its competitor -- Chinese frequency and video encode standard (AVS) .

From the point of global limits, from imitate the transition to digital telecast is being advanced ahead. The change job of some areas such as North America is adjacent already finish, and the other area such as South America and middle east, just just begin to will choose what number level certainly, and when to begin to shut imitate broadcast.

Some areas and country had been deferred to the change of digital TV, make basic technology has time to get further progress thereby. Its make multilateral home will be benefited because of delaying change, what because this will make its have an opportunity to use,be based on newest signal to handle a technology is more advanced with bandwidth efficiency more expensive system, begin service of TV of its number ground.

Hamster and this the area such as the Naweiya of can, and the country such as France and China, rolling out the digital telecast system that uses these newer technologies at present, to will come more large-scale popularizes popular road.

The key depends on compositive

The compositive form that current digital TV set adopts appliance to have decoder of a MPEG-2 counts word tuner. In the inchoate level that digital TV market develops, the technology that is used at tuning and decipher number signal and electronic parts basically carry a box on the head with digital machine (STB) is identical, connect for meaning law semiconductor and rich thereby wait for a company to infiltrate digital TV industry created a condition.
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