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The manufacturer announces in advance of hopeful of market of DRAM of reduction
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Afterwards force brilliant and Er are amounted to surely (after Elpida) announces reduction of output in succession, han is big plant Hailishi (Hynix) also announced recently the DRAM of 20% produces oneself of reduction of output can. Market country (DRAMeXchange) analyst expresses, hailishi is occupied in global city rate about 20% , place reductive produces the 3%-3.5% that can occupy global DRAM to yield about, add Li Jing and Er amounted to the share that already declared reduction of output surely a few days ago, reckon at present place reductive is produced can occupy the whole world to produce in all can 5%-6% left and right sides.

According to the investigation of market country, DRAM grain price already came at present between dollar of cash cost 1.3-1.5, increase DRAM market experienced since the 2nd season 2007 oneself successive the deficit of 7 season, more the giant and financial pressure that allows unprecedented of happen to of DRAM factory face. Han fastens a manufacturer Hailishi above all rise in revolt, announce 8 inches of factories are produced can the business that will fade out of standard type DRAM stage by stage, affecting Hailishi close 8 inches of factories of every months of 140K are produced can, also become the 3rd announced the DRAM factory of reduction of output recently.

Market state analyst points out further, cost structure not train of reduction of output of possible also follow-up comes the DRAM factory of beautiful the number that reduces deficit, predicting likelihood of manufacturer of follow-up reduction of output always cast a quantity to need to reduce 45-60K, just the opportunity overshoots the cold winter with DRAM industry the most austere throughout history. If increase a likelihood the DRAM factory of follow-up reduction of output, global DRAM is produced can reduce organic meeting 8%-10% , the time that integral DRAM market anabiosises also will in advance.

Market country points out, what this DRAM is as long as two years is stagnant, the DRAM firm ready money that has allowed great majority substantially drop, manage hardships not only, cannot make investor, bank satisfactory. To the investment of new technology of future, faint also reentry goes. To industry, consumer it is to be able to have undesirable side effect.

The analyst emphasizes again, add this economic depression, let PC/NB also appear the demand change with the biggest throughout history. DRAM produces business cannot reoccupy goes grow (Bitgrowth) will plan to yield, must change to close with battalion, asset pay rate is a target. In produce can adjust before doing not have measurable fall, industrial competition is not a company any more between be defeated win, however whole industry all is defeated.
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