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Chip is competition ability of industry of promotion test instrument this
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Recently, in Anjielun the number of the company measures forum to go up, although the theme of congress is the prospective progress that digital design measures, but what An Jielun exert oneself and everybody share is him however the concept in respect of oscillograph products plan and experience. An Jielun emphasizes, want to give out high-powered oscillograph to must have his to develop the ability of special chip, anjielunke obtains high speed a few this when regard a key as in order to be in oscillograph years to grow, depend on original RF designing ability to promote oscillograph the property of the product considerably at all, the made product that catchs up with a competitor quickly, namely the breakthrough of oscillograph product originates the promotion of chip technology.

In order to check an instrument | The company prate ASIC that appearance gives priority to is designed, this caused a series of reflection of the author, to whole industry catenary, each link is important, it is with oscillograph product exemple, cannot leave high-powered ASIC development, cannot leave outstanding board class circuit to design ability, cannot leave high-powered software platform likewise, and our country is not developed give high-powered test instrument, one of prime cause depend on us still having the capacity that develops high-powered oscillograph to use ASIC chip. After all, who buys general chip likely in order to designs a product, and the intellectual property that ASIC protected him highly, cannot be imitated by others, this lets be good at be at one's wits' end of me-too China business undoubtedly, caused our country to check instrument trade directly serious lag the process at whole electron industry. It is reported, home has had a manufacturer to begin his to design ASIC chip to be used in oscillograph, nevertheless the distance reachs world advanced level, allow to weigh and the path is far.

Testing instrument industry chip is essential, the safe field with be in more main also is such. The information safety of safe to the country be of exceptional importance faces a lot of real problems in terminal domain at present, restricting the development of safety of our country information all the time, our country has developed homebred password algorithm, but be in all the time be enslaved to be enslaved to of terminal chip respect person, the most important password algorithm still cannot come true with hardware means, not only security assures hard, more important is the rate that affects safe attestation.

Without chip, safe password is again good the ground that also does not have use force because of lacking carrier, accordingly, the substance that promotes information safe quality develops completely own safe chip namely, in this domain, spaceflight information rolled out own high-powered safe chip eventually. According to academy of technology of spaceflight information number Dean Guo Baoan introduces, spaceflight information last a period of time two years of much time, rely on existing domestic natural resources completely, independent development gives SSX45 safety chip, be based on homebred 32 CPU nucleus, RSA of main design support, ECC is asymmetrical symmetrical password of password algorithm and SSF33, SCB2 is algorithmic, the fair key that designs through in-house hardware quickens module of engine and other hardware algorithm to realize high-powered information to add decode operation, the chip structure that uses SoC and module of other special and safe processing achieved the high security of information processing.
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