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Competition in the future of automotive electronic systems together
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Cars from 100 years since the birth, has gradually evolved from a means of transport for people living and entertainment space for the continuation, as the car has become a necessity for most people's lives, safer, more comfortable, more convenient and modern Smart car the aid of a number of electronic devices ready to come. Had seemingly just automotive auxiliary automotive electronic technology is gradually becoming a key factor in competitiveness, or even entirely on supporting the automotive electronics business has already begun. According to statistics, the future value of automotive electronic systems will account for 70% of the overall cost car.

In 2009, China's first automotive world's largest producer and largest consumer market, the automotive electronics market in support of this is bound to face under the bright market prospects. Sept. 1, "Electronics World" magazine, especially in the South China Electronics Show held in "2010 China's automotive electronics technology Senior Seminar", and hundreds of spectators to the floor to discuss the electronic technology in a variety of applications in the automotive trends.

Control system is the core operation of each car, more and more intelligent control system in the car today, the development of advanced automotive electronic control system is undoubtedly in terms of every automobile manufacturer has important strategic significance. The General Assembly invited to SAIC Commercial Vehicle Technology Center (NAC Institute) Fellow senior engineer Zhang Yong introduced an "open system of automobile electronic control." He described the development of electronic control system technology and the current status of the domestic auto industry is facing a critical situation, and pointed out that China should come together to develop and open up the automotive electronic control systems to enhance the core competitiveness of China-made cars.

Control system is an important part of the vehicle, a complete car but also include various other functional units, such as driver assistance, infotainment systems, GPS, various sensors, how in tune these systems to the extent possible Automotive work requires the function of the bus to the scattered series into an organic whole. Exception of security requirements as the application of rigorous, cars need to have a strong and reliable bus protection.

2010 China Automotive Electronics Applications

Senior Seminar Closes Senior Application Engineer Mr. Hu Weidong brought "LeCroy bus power automotive electronics development," the report, relying on oscilloscope LeCroy's high-performance products and software, can provide the current mainstream CAN, LIN and Flexray bus perfect detection support, and through specialized application software suite simplifies the process of realization of the test set to facilitate developers to quickly complete the testing tasks.

Not only do these new bus technology to obtain a wide range of automotive applications, along with automotive infotainment equipment upgrades, many of the traditional technology is gradually integrated into the automotive electronics systems for optical fiber communication SerDES serial high-speed interface is one of them can be transport automotive infotainment systems HD video streams. MAXIM from the FAE (Field Application Engineer) and Li Wei described in detail for everyone in the car SerDES the application of electronic systems and MAXIM's LED products in the automotive related applications.

An important feature of automotive electronic systems is stability, so inseparable from the various tests. It can be said, without rigorous testing of electronic systems will not be adopted by car manufacturers. Therefore, the vehicle design process is fraught with disturbing the test project. Tektronix Distributor application engineering Teachers Hua Jieshao BOJ was how Tektronix test equipment and software, the latest breakthrough in automotive design solutions.

With the shortage of oil, new energy vehicles have become the hottest topic nowadays, especially in the country's strong advocacy of new energy vehicles have become the focus of future development of automobile industry, seminars, the content of this field can not be separated, the Forum invited to Beijing to wind Qiu Qiu Jun, general manager of technology to find out more "electric vehicle testing and evaluation", through a variety of cases, the total Qiu detailed analysis of the electric vehicle to help all the different system units and the project needs to be tested relevant methods, and gives different simple evaluation of electric vehicle systems.

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