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Prospects of e-commerce development in China
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"Ereli fifth annual summit 2010" at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen special grand opening. Issues surrounding the effects of this summit marketing new trends, "Economic Development of South China network" "online media marketing model Type of change and innovation, "" put the value of online advertising marketing strategy "," Internet advertising technology and effect assessment "," Development of e-commerce industry, "and other issues to discuss with the industry. IResearch Consulting Group, South China Michael Ho, Director of Customer over at the meeting for the "future of e-commerce development in China" published expert opinion. Returned to the more familiar one area, that is, online shopping, our B2C + C2C field, Eric released the Q2 e-commerce related data. Q2 data show that the entire network area is 111.23 billion yuan market scale, it has a very high, is still very high growth rate, 97.5%, I am sure you are more concerned about market share. C2C we see in the field of Taobao is relatively strong, which accounted for more than half of the overall scope of which, independent of the B2C sales inside Jingdong, like Dangdang and so they also hold a considerable lead. We see another data network subscribers reached 109 million purchase, accounting for 28.4% of the number of the Internet, which is last year's data, we can compare the scale to see growth in the year. B2B area sustained by the return of macroeconomic The impact of warm, reaching 59 billion, third-party B2B e-commerce services, the number of enterprises is 17.02 million, accounting for 42.6% of the proportion of small and medium enterprises. This means that almost four percent over the third-party, small and medium enterprises in the application of a third party B2B services, it appears that this ratio is very high. Several experts reveal the latest trends in e-commerce: The first national online shopping, you have to buy into the net thing, this thing is a new thing, it is worth to your friends to show off your high-tech things, it will become a natural thing, buy online now Things like buying a can of Coke in the downstairs. Ten years ago, and years later, in stark contrast, the data show that the coverage of e-commerce has reached 250 million users. The second is the trend of integration, there are a considerable number of people, the original vertical e-commerce to achieve a considerable market share, they compete due to market pressure and the pressure will naturally extend to multiple product lines , For example, by Samsung will be expanded to Jingdong appliance and department stores. VANCL do men, women, and also introduced a follow-up sneakers. Dangdang now not just "sell books Lang" the. Big Taobao, I believe those who do have a better understanding of e-commerce practitioners, are more concerned about big Taobao is the real full-platform application integration, I believe Taobao follow-up will also introduce more features. Another trend is the sub-sectors, this industry segment, more and more there, because the needs of users streaming now spawned a growing number of e-commerce businesses, such as a comparison-shopping, or for special E-commerce and the introduction of this for community service. There is also a diversification of the terminal, are more familiar with the triple play. Such as the establishment of a joint venture of Taobao. PC, mobile phone, TV, including the future of other terminals, such as E-books, they are many-fold integration, providing e-commerce. The fifth trend is based on enterprise applications, we look at 2009, B2C, 90% of the inside to open the site of traditional enterprises in China has been a considerable number of traditional companies have not be emulated, it may be Forced, it may be active, have gradually into the e-commerce market, and has made good progress, typically as the United States, Li Ning, etc., these traditional companies have reached the e-commerce, I believe they will, after More exciting performance. Detailed analysis of the data according to research institutions at home and abroad under the present situation of urban development of electronic commerce and future trends. Among the international e-commerce development in the United States is the champion of Europe second only to later, followed by Asia . 90% of global e-commerce sites in the United States, 50% of e-commerce transactions in the United States, China will more and more confident Ma, e-commerce will eventually become a leader in China from the Americans to change hands Into a full-line manufacturer in China. Currently, there are quite a number of cities and look forward to more power and commercial enterprises to take root in him, growth and development for a number of the last growth Taobao Taobao or greater than the giant companies. For example, one of China's electricity E-commerce capital of Hangzhou, as Taobao, Alipay gathered, Hangzhou, e-commerce is deserved, and his research in e-commerce service platform for the gathering force of ability and talent is very strong. The other is in Shenzhen It is now the national model city of the first e-commerce, e-commerce it is the first consumer spending, the number of SMEs, the number of high-tech enterprises, foreign trade export volume is the first in the country. The eastern region is populous, especially Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Jiangsu, Zhejiang piece. Also the momentum of the Midwest after the hair is also cause for concern. Experts believe that the traditional is still the most economically developed areas, but the momentum after the hair inside the online shopping Top10 fastest-growing spending power which, in addition to Macau and Yunfu is located in the south, the other eight cities from the East West Second and third tier cities. The most developed coastal areas surrounding, less developed inland areas in central. The future pattern of China's e-commerce market will be how the city? In the period of time, the Yangtze River Delta region is the first echelon, second echelon of the Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay, including Beijing, Dalian, Tianjin is the third tier cities such . Midwest we call a reserve echelon. With the development around the power business, one, two, three tier will change the situation, to exert no particular order, industry specializing in surgery, there will be a different city, they have to support the development of e-commerce industry, there may be a These cities will later point, such as the western cities, but they have their own specialized advantages. Inland business they will have their own advantages of some of the development of electronic business, local governments also have their own special policy To match. All in all urban development of electronic commerce, namely the so-called urban cooperative, referring to the different cities have different functions of the division of labor. The next is to expand to the entire region, between regions will assume different roles, such as That will be more commitment to the coastal port city, or trade-related logistics functions, while the inland city is out of resources or personnel output functions. Finally, a more dire situation, but is also the case that we loved Is the actual situation stage, referring to the e-commerce, after all, we feel a bit empty, e-commerce industry, virtual and physical things that a real synergy between, for example, TCL Communication. Actual situation is your entire e-commerce Process, the whole process, the whole industry chain and your distribution under the true line, the national and global dishes, can be docked on the entire supply chain, such a synergy, and finally extended to, more than we do business in China, which Ma is also the ideal, we have to foreign collaboration, we have held together the business world, is this synergy. Will be called the birth of a small city of commerce and industry standards, such as headed to Hangzhou, they may introduce electronic business service platform to launch a variety of industry standards, this is a case in point. Now a Some companies feel when they grow their talent is the bottleneck, which is the need for government support, thanks for the support to develop the power of government. Finally, on the analysis of traditional business e-commerce recommendations, I would not say this, many experts in the field will provide at a later part of the practical operation of their proposals, we will carry out traditional customers B2C the strengths, weaknesses listed, in a word it means both opportunities and challenges. Another key factor is the traditional business, where will see explicit and rational factors, the most cited factor is the nature of the differences in resources and brands The front of the user or customer can feel the most dominant factor is the service product. Ereli can provide electricity to your service provider, which is a partial list of our customers, including such big names as part of traditional electrical business enterprises and enterprises to enter the electricity business, they have a variety of channels and a choice These needs. Our business environment in which the power will be provided including the macro-environment of the industry vertical B2C, consumer online shopping, so some areas will have a lot of us, one after another will be introduced. This is for a customer to enter Ereli made a strategic e-commerce market research, we are committed to providing the most accurate data products to compare all the recent hot user experience, we will launch a tool called the Experience the electric line's website, it is a tool, a tool for measuring visual experience. The other is monitoring the conversion of the products do, I do not say anything in detail the. Here is the latest year Ereli, not a new invention for the services we provide, we set up a Ereli University, for the entire Internet industry to provide the most professional teachers, curriculum, support for all hope that this can Enterprises with good people, find the appropriate person, after the plug in advance of their wings. Ereli mentioned here a new product, I am sure you do business electricity supplier who will have similar problems, for example, you want to know a specific audience attention, the other you want to know you and your peers in the network access The number of shares under each. To this end we have introduced a degree of concern the indicators of goods and commodities trading indicators, and here I do not do too much advertising, just do a notice to please everyone's attention Ereli business data detection of electric products, It will be available this year, any company interested in this, to get the data to support your business will have a big promotion.
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