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China e-commerce services throughout the Union was established
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November 11, 2010, "Chinese e-commerce services throughout the Union" was officially established in Beijing, and simultaneously launched the first service - "E were amazing." The Union, through integration of high-quality Internet resources in the field, the joint industry and hundreds of excellent local portal for SMEs set of Internet marketing, e-commerce, internal management, inter-enterprise collaborative platform for the integration of full service and solutions. Guided by the China Electronic Commerce Association Alliance, initiated by the Wei and co-industry database company hundreds of well-known companies and established industry sites. In the inaugural ceremony, the China Electronic Commerce Association, director of the entire e-commerce projects, said Chen Zhen, "China's e-commerce services throughout the Union for the promotion of SME e-commerce applications, and long-term development of industry is very important. E-commerce has not developed to the then a simple matter of e-commerce companies, but the new direction of development of many small and medium enterprises. SMEs need more new service delivery model to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. " According to the coalition initiator Wei library's president Yang Zhi Xiong, the "Alliance" will be based on "open, sharing, good faith" principle, continue to promote e-commerce standard construction, and jointly create a favorable industry environment, and provide enterprises with internal management, the enterprise Business Collaboration, e-commerce and mobile commerce platform and a one-stop full service solution. Union set up by the China Electronic Commerce Association's strong support and guidance. Chen Zhen that implemented the establishment of the alliance, "the State Council on Accelerating the Development of the e-commerce", the implementation of national "e" Eleventh Five-Year "plan" and promote "second Five-Year" period of Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium scientific development of e-commerce business processes. China attracted a full e-commerce services, including China Trade Union Network, Zhejiang private enterprise network, the national network of clothing, building materials procurement network in China, nearly two hundred well-known sites actively participate in the industry, covering the fields of a comprehensive B2B platform, mechanical equipment, hardware mechanical and electrical, garment and textile, environmental protection, agriculture, electrical, electrical, security electronics, chemicals, plastics, and other mainstream level in 60 industries. Establishment of the alliance, e-business applications for SMEs bring new ideas. At present, the SMEs to use search engines, auction promotion, banners, industry portals promotion network marketing manner. However, a single application is not obvious, and the high cost of input and output are relatively poor. As the entire e-commerce leader, Wei library companies were fully aware that in the future, the future development of e-commerce trend is not simply rely on a platform, but pay more attention to the integration of resources, and information integration. This is also the basis for a positive launch alliance. Meanwhile, the establishment of the alliance, but also for the development of many of the industry Web site provides a new opportunity. At present, the number of B2B commerce site to nearly 6,000, but most are too industry websites as the industry segments, it is difficult to achieve in the industrial chain integrating resources, the formation of scale, face difficulties bigger problem. Establishment of the alliance, making the Web site of resources in the future, customers, information sharing has become possible, and on this basis, to carry out different operations, special operations, to gain development and growth. Alliance is also the current needs of SMEs, the introduction of the first service - "E were amazing." The industry believes that "China's e-commerce services throughout the Union" marks the establishment of the Chinese e-commerce industry, together assigned by the changes in the way through the integration of resources for local SMEs to implement e-commerce platform provides a strong guarantee. With the cooperation within the Union continues to strengthen, deepen, there will be more suitable for SMEs, product launch, in order to achieve full e-commerce in the context of win-win situation. Wei library on the company: E-commerce Technology Co., Ltd. Wei library Asia-Pacific's largest management software companies UF Group's core business, to provide enterprises with a one-stop "full e-commerce" services, are responsible for the development of electronic commerce services and the UF Group Enterprise Cloud services strategic responsibility, Wei library company based on cloud computing and SaaS models, the integration global 3G business success to the Internet and mobile Internet-based, providing network marketing, online management, mobile commerce, B2B & B2C platform rich e-commerce products and services so that companies can PC, mobile and intelligent terminals to achieve, including corporate marketing, business management, business collaboration among enterprises, etc., the whole process of e-commerce to help businesses improve efficiency and create more business opportunities, and promote China's industrial and information of the integration process.
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