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China Economic Times: I love e-commerce
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E first met in 2006, when catch Taobao is done, online everywhere, "Taobao sellers day the thousand millions of Facilitation" propaganda text. And most of graduating college students, my first Job Taobao C2C sellers from the beginning. To find sources, the products, decoration shops, advertising has become the focus of life at that time. "E-commerce will succeed," the concept took root in my heart. In 2010, I joined a new seven-day electrical network. Select the company, after careful consideration: First of all B2C e-commerce in particular is a trend; followed by a home network or a blue ocean off this, every year thousands of Billion market for us to scraping; again, home appliance industry has a very mature, there is no parallel imports, counterfeit and other issues. Over time, I slowly learned about a real B2C business how it worked - is no longer online shop, buy low and sell high in the simple model, but rather to be multi-sectoral cooperation, from product selection, price Grid of negotiations, the project planning, post-production until the end of the promotion, all follow a set of business processes. "The new seven-day" start-up time, all day staring Jingdong, and Jingdong than price. But we can not go to burn unlimited price competition. In fact, we give their own position is to take home appliance chain store business. Line Sometimes under a local appliance store to open 4-5 stores in dense, crazy expansion, causing huge costs to the manufacturers. It is low-cost advantages of e-commerce, manufacturers spent in the United States, Suning Appliance Chain profits in about 30 Points, while the use of e-commerce can be compressed to 15 points or less. Business model innovation than product and service innovation is more important. B2C is currently just a new business channels, we find the right day of the business model. Revision is now facing the company's Web site, from the inside out, from the layout to the internal BUG repair, optimize the shopping experience from the expansion of payment, we stand on the dual perspective of businesses and consumers to consider the issue up. Ereli's Q3 earnings this year out, seven days a delight to discover new B2C mall has entered the national top ten. "Within five years, certainly there will be a ten billion of household appliances B2C businesses, not just fight the future price of B2C , It is service, speed, and excellent after-sales. "The boss always reminds us, bit by bit from the start, hard to do everything.
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