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E-commerce service providers gathered in 2010 in China 50 years of online reta
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E-commerce continues to accumulate more than 10 years, finally ushered in the explosion. With the favorable capital, in addition to comprehensive platform, integrated B2C mall, vertical B2C, Web brands, such as pure e-commerce businesses, the traditional retailers, traditional brand, logistics companies, third party payment and other related businesses in the chain, but also all went on a massive influx. Indispensable lost in the industrial chain has been low-key e-commerce service providers who are also the annual meeting of the China online retail, from the behind the scenes come to the fore. The gathering of the 50 e-commerce service provider, is divided into 12 categories: Xing Da, a long letter service outsourcing enterprises 4, SF Express and other logistics and distribution enterprises 8, Paypal and other third-party payment 6, ShopEx etc. Shop Service System Class 6; The remaining 26 were call centers, messaging systems, network marketing, online customer service, website monitoring, Taobao picture, IDC, e-mail system classes. One giant Nokia and other brands online business, a growing number of online shopping is consumers, a link connecting the two is the "e-business services" industry: e-channel planning, establishment or platform shop, operation and maintenance, operations , marketing, warehousing, logistics, customer relationship management, data analysis, customer service, after sales. The link is so diverse and heterogeneous, the inevitable need to set a strong platform integration and support, for example, developed by Xing long letter of "PEC platform" to open up e-commerce throughout the supply chain. The last bus of traditional enterprises E-commerce services to the traditional enterprises is the last chance. E-commerce on this road, the traditional companies have left behind. Dangdang start selling book, the traditional companies have not yet awakened, and so on awakening, found that most have lost market share. Who started off clothes, traditional companies also look down, and now billions who began to sprint off the time, the traditional business has been left far behind. If the traditional companies, the line can not be quickly launched the brand on the Internet marketing, I believe that in the next decade, the traditional enterprise market will gradually become smaller. Long Xing Liu Lei, founder and chairman letter said that if the traditional companies want to enter the industry, also need to think clearly. Internet companies, especially the B2C business, its processes with the traditional business processes, whether in the production process or the sales process is entirely different. If you want to do the traditional e-commerce companies need to continuously invest. Because investment in e-commerce is not to say five thousand today, tomorrow can be effective, it requires years of continuous investment. In addition, process reengineering is very important, the Internet must comply with the requirements of speed and people can not rely on traditional storage methods to deal with Internet consumers. More Taobao ecosystem to survive in very little outside Amoy Currently, most e-commerce service providers are to survive in the ecological chain, Taobao, Taobao's brand to do on behalf of the above operations, depending on Taobao, Taobao is only a part of the value chain. "And like us, independent of Taobao, the official independent brand mall-based, platform companies, supplemented by small shop. We help brand a place on the Internet for traditional brand positioning in the market to do special operations, to provide a full range of e-commerce integration services. This is within the Taobao ecosystem very different generation of operating, "the letter of Chairman Liu Lei Xing Long says. In addition, service providers are also divided into segments to the case type and type, such as a long letter for Xing brand offers a full range of traditional e-commerce integration services. Many service providers bear only a small e-commerce services, such as warehousing, logistics, call center, online customer service, Taobao pictures segments. B2C e-business service model is different from the pure Liu Lei Xing Long, chairman of that letter, whether it is earlier Taobao C2C or B2C Jingdong Mall representatives of model, are used to call their own brand of consumer online spending, driving the market, their advantage lies in their own brand hand inside, and the process is developed in accordance with their own business, very fast, disadvantage is how deeply embedded the brand to the consumer mind, take a long time. The e-commerce outsourcing model, companies do have the traditional advantage of a strong brand embedded in the minds of consumers, they are operating for a decade, two decades or even centuries of the brand. Disadvantage is the traditional business fast enough, the traditional business processes with the Internet have very different business process. However, if the traditional companies willing to invest more effort and resources, and e-commerce service providers fully cooperate, you can change this disadvantage. Bud in 2002 officially started in 2008 March 2002, Xing Long Xindagongsi become a "Motorola (China) official online store", the only designated operator service providers. This cooperation may be regarded as China's burgeoning e-commerce services. Liu Lei said: "In 2004, the company signed another big client of Nokia, we were doing electronic business services, almost no competitors. Companies transition to become fully e-commerce outsourcing in 2008, in This year, other service providers around Taobao entered one after another. the one hand, eager to traditional brands e-commerce through the network, on the other hand are less experience, lack of professionals, and high cost constraints, the existence of service gaps, making e-commerce outsourcing came into being. " Cheung Hing Chinese e-commerce services Cinda outsourcing model as the first to eat crabs, the current annual income of hundreds of millions. China to overseas three or four years behind "At present, Europe, Japan, e-commerce services company in the United States are 30%, 40% of the rate of growth, which is in a foreign country is very fast. But now the scale is not large, European companies year, billions of euros in sales also, Japanese companies have only a few hundred billion yen a year. The Chinese may be behind them three or four years, "Liu Lei that," foreign country a lot of experience is worth learning from. " Liu Lei said, and now more and more contact with customers, customer demand for e-commerce more and more intense, of course, international brands will be more mature, because they have witnessed the development of service outsourcing industry, outsourcing is also used to talk cooperation However, acceptance of domestic enterprises, not so high, but there are awakening. Technology and experience is the threshold Sent on behalf of the Education Network president punishment holes that would not be a future e-commerce industry, but each enterprise standard. And this e-commerce standard, if the enterprise itself from the traditional construction and completed, there is e-commerce technology, experience, and cost of the high threshold. Liu Lei explained that technology is the core of the R & D personnel have, ready to meet business needs. Internet company's core technology or machines instead of people, more services are done in the machine. Xing long letter of about 260 people present, 60 to 70 people are technical team, which in a B2C company is less common. Taiwan's first free and open source B2C Shopping Mall Ecshop are the foundation of a long letter of the development in 2006. "Ecshop created, it is because we see the market there must be vacant, since we do e-commerce operations, but also that the software on the market are not particularly suitable for us, so on their own development, development of the market about a year end 2007. March when, Ecshop market share of over 30%, then we sold it. But it is because the development of such experience, let us more aware, to have the core competitiveness, we must have core technology. We are now the package of services for the brands support system - PEC platform, more stable, more complete and more suitable for business services for the brand, "says Liu Lei. That experience, said Liu Lei, e-commerce refers to the years of trial and error experience. Also need to integrate the ability to be able to integrate upstream and downstream supply chain, to string together every aspect of e-commerce. Recently, e-commerce's annual event - the online retail in 2010 held in Chengdu, Xing Da, a long letter, e-commerce service provider 50 has been awarded the "Excellent service online retail business" title. E-commerce services is the key to practical work, rather than rely on funding, the service is needed is careful, thoughtful planning, the core of the technology, service providers and to maintain a good relationship between the brand and promote the development of the brand on the Internet. About to break out of two hundred billion market Senior analyst at Analysys International, said Cao Fei told the media the moment, the domestic e-commerce in the first stage of the process from concept to the second phase - provision of services in order to gain revenue direction. The long letter such as the Xing business prospects for e-commerce services will be better than previously characterized the exchange as a platform business model. Its advantage is closer to the traditional business, open up the e-commerce industry, the missing link in the chain. Said Liu Lei, e-commerce outsourcing services 2 to 3 years will usher in the outbreak period. E-commerce services market has reached hundreds of billions in foreign market size, although China is still in the ascendant, but the potential market size two or three thousand billion, it is the B2C industry will be able to account for 30% of the share. Traditional enterprises to concentrate best, brand management, product design and production, web front-end marketing, back-end IT information processing, CRM, supply chain, technology and service support, both to the professional e-commerce service providers, this is the most superior division of labor model. Insiders said that brands have the brand awareness of traditional and smooth supply channels, but the lack of e-commerce technology, operational experience, e-commerce talents. If the brand owner to operate their own, on the one hand, the cost is high, on the other hand all the hard work of the entire e-commerce have done best. Therefore, service providers and professional cooperation, complement each other, would be a good choice.
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