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Best Buy to launch nationwide electronic waste recycling activities
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Best Buy (Best Buy) recently announced that from November 15, 2010 onwards, in the United States within the context of recycling used electronic stores, trade-in recycling old machines site convenience services, to encourage consumers to actively participate in recycling at the United States (America Recycles Day) activities. It is reported that during the event, Best Buy will be carried out store electronics recycling, recovery and recycling pick-up kiosks three convenient recycling service activities. In addition, Best Buy is also committed to joint manufacturers, retailers, policy makers and industry organizations to jointly promote e-waste recycling program to promote more environmentally friendly technology to market faster. Best Buy in 2009 to help U.S. consumers recycled 120 million pounds of used electronic products, including 60 million pounds 60 million pounds of electronic products and electrical product s.
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